The Use of Affirmations

What is an affirmation? One possible definition is a specific positive thought that you create in response to a current need or goal. We need to continue repeating the affirmation until it becomes a part of us, and we find ourselves believing it.

How do we go about this process?

1. Each person must decide for themselves what message they need to assimilate into their conscious mind.

2. Once the affirmation is decided upon, write it down 15 times, including your name as part of the affirmation, For example, "Karlynn is a likeable person." Continue to write it out several times each day.

3. In addition to writing it out on paper, place it on your mirror in your bathroom or on your fridge, if possible. That way you will see it several times a day, while at home.

4. When at work, at your desk, place it somewhere where you can see it and say it to yourself quietly. Remember that you are reprogramming your brain.

5. Imagine your life as this affirmation becomes reality. Close your eyes and visualize this several times during the day.

6. It is best to only work on one affirmation at a time, Decide which message you need to believe the most and go for it.

Eventually you will see that the affirmation is a part of you. It takes time and discipline. It has absolutely worked for me everytime. So, what have you got to lose?

Karlynn is originally from Southern California but moved to Arizona to work on her Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and also specialized in addictions. She owns The Employee Assistance Program of Tucson, Inc., providing counseling and training for employees and their dependents. It is very rewarding work. She believes in helping people to help themselves. She enjoys her life with her husband, David, her three daughters, and her two adorable grandsons.