We are in the End Days; Oh, Really Now?

Some think the world is coming to an end, they cite signs in the Revelations and current world events. The world is not going to end, in all the written history and much of course which maybe somewhat a modified version of what actually happened nothing has ever been perfect and the doom and gloomers of those past periods too were out in fill force. Most of the history we read in the history text books is certainly taken out of perspective of the reality of the time shows us that nothing ever was fine and that what we have here is working and it appears to be working quite well in retrospect. We are in a better place than we have been in any of the written historical record. The World did not end then and it will not end this time.

It is not perfect but who amongst us ever said we were done? Civilization and mankind's progression is an on-going endeavor; we are working on it. We are not done; we have more to do. We should vote for leading the charge to make better humans and better societies and cooperative civilizations which take into that decision making process those innate needs currently in our human realm until which time in the future of let's say 200 years we end up modifying people to be more than merely human. For it is the next evolutionary step for mankind and once it occurs a new set of challenges await and the current problems will become totally irrelevant.

Often it is said that the world is ruled by idiots. Well some might argue that point. Some might also argue that the population is full of brain dead morons as well, which a walk down any street in America might lead the stray observer to come to such conclusion. Many a traveler of foreign lands has to question the reality of human beings to be a viable species on the Planet at all.

People are in charge and rule other people and if most of the people are questionable shouldn't it be obvious that many of the rulers are questionable? After all rulers come from the whole in their genetic make-up. As we see history is re-written every 20 years for the trendsetters and a minority wanting a voice to have their day in the court of public opinion. By re-writing history they can take things out of context and move the whole of the society in the way they wish. History has become a tool of those who wish to influence. Wanting to have influence over others is merely a fact of the social pecking order and apparently most are vying for that top spot.

Saving the world is possible, creating a better civilization is possible, righting the wrongs of the past and present are doable for a more prosperous future. The only thing that would not be possible is that what you believe to be impossible. Changing the world is possible. Changing the world for the better and forward progress of the species would be most appreciated by those in the future. And those of us who are able to get to that period, knowing that true change has costs and that freedom is never free. You should be more positive and stop thinking the world is coming to and end. Don't buy into the BS. Think about it. The forward progression of mankind depends on it, be part of the solution.

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