Precognition or Circadian Rhythm?

The bodies natural clock or circadian rhythm seems to have sensors through the brain and body. It is a perfect set of clocks, which regulate our bodies and sync to our minds. It is so incredible that some have spent entire careers trying to unlock natures secret. Some believe this is part of God's creation, other believe it is the work of a millions and millions of years of evolution. Still others have mystic explanations for it, while they debate with others who say it is all part of a planned design.

Have you ever noticed that you can wake up within minutes of when you intended too? Most people can do this. That indeed is a pretty cool human feature and we all are thankful to have it, not that we all could use some more sleep, but it sure comes in handy. Others are not so inclined to trust their inner clock and so they use an alarm clock instead; just to be on the safe side. Like the song "Working 9-5, It's No Way to Make a Living." How can our bodies do this? Why are some better than others, but all of us seem to be able to do it? Why does our inner clock wake us up on-time?

Have you ever noticed that you wake up a minute before the alarm clock goes off? Some say this is pre-cognition of your rapid body change and that while in a dream state your mind is not stuck in time as in the waking hours. It flows thru other dimensions. Others say that concept is bogus and that your circadian rhythm is the explanation. Okay so we have competing theories and neither side has been able to prove convincingly either way one or the other is entirely correct. Some studies have been done in which someone else sets the alarm clock and the subjects still wake up just before the alarm rings? Interesting how is that possible then? Well, some say we can communicate or send thoughts out to those we know. And whoever set the alarm and is doing the experiment sent a little mental message to the sleeper and gave away the time? Bummer? But you cannot prove that.

I therefore propose an experiment. Get 40 people all sleeping and forty alarm clocks which are each set in advance by a computer with no clock on them, just little black boxes; all different times. Each alarm clock is to be set by a sleeping person at different times in different places. Then see if everyone wakes up just before they go off. Ah ha, then you will know if it is precognition of a very abrupt change in bio-rhythms from the sound of the alarm or if they stay sleeping until the end you know it was the circadian rhythm all along.

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