Fallacies About the Inner Child

Over the past 10 years I have helped individuals who have been plagued by the memories of past events to permanently release the disruptive energy imprints of such memories from their energy bio-fields.

A special and interesting case of such release pertains to situations where an individual has within them a construct that is referred to as an "inner child" that is still in need of nurturing or healing. In the language of psychotherapy such a construct is often called a "sub personality" or an "ego state".

These ego states seem to have the tendency to dominate what is called the main personality of that person from time to time thereby causing them to feel, think, and behave as if they were that ego state. In other words it's like becoming overtaken by something within ones' self that causes them to revert into being a child or a younger persona.

Such a reversion occurs whenever something in day to day experience triggers the child ego state to have its needs met right then and there. The trigger is usually an event that is in someway perceived to be similar to events that the child ego state experienced as traumatic or unurturing in some way. The re-emergence of the ego state at such times is felt to be due to the need to repair the defect.

Now in everyday life this is generally not a welcomed occurrence because it often leaves the person feeling unable to cope with their current experience as they find themselves feeling, thinking and behaving in a manner that is less than adaptive.

Many forms of psychotherapy aim to spend years trying to "re-parent" the child ego states so that they can "grow up" and become integrated into the adult as adults.

While working with a process called the Mind Resonance Process(TM)(MRP) with such individuals it has been my experience that such re-parenting is in fact not only not necessary but also actually perpetuates an untruth about who and what these ego states represent. That is the belief that they represent some part of that individual that is in some way either immature, traumatized or defective.

When addressing ego states with MRP I generally look at the reasons why an individual "chooses" to identify themselves in any way what so ever with such ego states. After doing so each individual recognizes that such identification is based on untruths about the benefits of being so identified.

An example of this is as follows:

I identify myself with a helpless and hurting child ego state because,

It allows me to get help from others so that,

I will feel better, more secure, more at peace, loved and safe.

In other words the hidden belief is that:

(A) The ego state is necessary to help the individual feel secure, at peace, loved and safe.

The experience of reverting to the child ego state however feels completely different than statement (A) suggests. That is because, by definition, the ego state represents a state filled with feelings of hurt, fears of abandonment, insecurities, anxiety, feelings of being unloved and at times fears of not surviving.

So when an individual recognizes that statement (A) clearly goes counter to their experience of being in the ego state they notice how, unconsciously they have been lying to themselves about the usefulness of having any identification with the ego state.

It is at this point that a remarkable thing happens. The ego state and the disruptive energy that it represents become spontaneously and permanently "dislodged" from the energy field of the person and floats off into deep space.

The person feels a sense of relief, a sense of greater inner strength, more like the adult that they know they have always been in their heart, more at peace, lighter, more joyful and they also appear to reclaim a significant sense of energy in their bodies.

After the release takes place, in all cases, upon reflection, the individual notes that the child ego state "was never inside of them". In other words that whatever memories of whatever supposed events that took place that supposedly were responsible for the existence of the ego state never happened!

What does such a result suggest? I will discuss this in a follow-up article entitled' "Our Virtual Reality Reality".

So please stay tuned.

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