Emotion is a Reaction to the Influence

Each one of us is linked to the emotions whether by protecting self values or deep affectionate involvement to the objective. The "sense" is a gift to us to analyze the values of the personality and behave in accordance. Sense creates sentiment that helps to avoid harm to the values possessed deep in the personality. We avoid action or reaction to what is not related to our values. Our Endeavour is to retain our values unharmed is a method to maintain the identity intact but when lost, we loose emotionally means lost everything. Emotion is a reaction to the influence of attraction that contacts our personality. Unknowingly we get attached to others and their objectives; the attachment is due to the influence of the attraction. We become affectionate, friendly, begin involving deeply and etc; are the reactions called emotional attachment but when hurts that becomes emotional breakup. Our social action and reaction relates of our emotional attitude. The emotional attitude is the reflection of the values possessed deep in the personality and the reaction is in accordance. Our sense works on the basis of the quality we possess that reflects the attitude. I sense emotion in three philosophical features; one is Identity emotion is the Endeavour to protect self values secondly sentimental emotion is submission that involves acting in affection and thirdly Effectual Emotion leaves effect of impression on our personality:

Identity emotion: Each of us maintains self values deep in the conscious are important factors of our personality and becomes sentiment to us. The involvement to protect and live with own values is called sentiment. The sentiment that is possessed deep in the personality is called emotion. Emotion in fact is the process of submission towards the protection of own values and living with it. Emotion is a communication that reflects values of own personality. Emotion has the ability to influence our behavior which contacts external environment. In many instances our emotions come forward to reject or accept certain ideologies as do or do not match with own possessed values. Emotions emerge when we are strongly attached to the principles of our personality. These qualities sense the external environment and assess relation with own values to influence our mind/ body strongly and activate the consciousness. No body would wish to go against own preserved values (emotions) as are the identity and dignity. Emotions are hurt when some one attacks the values (self-respect); this shock is an emotional injury.

Sentimental emotion: Emotion is a form of the submission that involves acting in affection or tender, influenced by the environment and the attraction. Environment and attraction have ability to overpower the person's consciousness and influence to behave in accordance to the objective. The deep attraction of care, touch, warm, liking, fondness, attachment and love stimulates our conscious to involve affectionately is called emotional involvement. Unknowingly or unconsciously a person gets involved towards the impact of the attraction. Change in the mood/ behavior is due to sentimental value of the objective and the strength of the influence of the attraction. Human mood fluctuates in the circumstances, some times sad, humor, romantic and etc; overpowers our personality to act in relation to the situation. The impact of attraction influences our sense to involve sensitively. When we are sentimental resulted by fascination, for any action we listen to heart rather than brain. We fall in love when our personality gets strongly attracted to the quality that delights us and we get involved emotionally. This is a process of mental submission to accept and appreciate the opposite's intention of invitation.

Effectual Emotion: Many instances and contacts are so touchy and enticing those persuade our personality to capitulate and become impossible for us to evade or take situation lightly. The mental submission to admire and experience the density is effectual emotion achieved through the external environment when contact establishes with the values of our personality deep in conscious. Many movies/ speeches and other incidences really touch our heart so we are constrained to react to the objective of the happenings. The influence is so strong that makes us to connect with it in depth and react for its objective. Some scenes in the movies are so sad or touchy that makes our eyes roll tear, is the effective strength of that scene which attracts our conscious deeply to surrender.

Emotion is necessary psychological characteristic which involves us for the objective. Can not be defined scientifically and if defined the meaning of emotion would no longer convince, as emotion is mental, philosophical and spiritual. Emotion makes us to submit, entwine, despair, hate and invite to involve deeply. Depth of the emotional involvement relates to the personal ability to absorb and resist. Many are too powerful personalities so emotions do not reflect easily as the attraction is not strong enough for them to pull towards its objectives. On the other hand some are weak enough to take things to heart even the slight imaginative incidences, really they are difficult people, such characteristics may be found in many women who live in imaginations.

Mainly introverted people are too emotional to keep incidences in self to reproduce in negative and positive manner again depends on how negative and the positive the person is. Their emotional attitude results to shyness and delay the actions is due to the multiplication of imaginations they go through for the attraction that affected their mind. Emotion is stimulated by many resources but the final objective is to attract and invite to attach in negative or positive depending on the purpose and situation. If the subject is hate worthy will emotionally hate and if favorable would convince to capitulate.

Mainly introverted people are too emotional to keep incidences in self to reproduce in negative and positive manner again depends on how negative and the positive the person is.

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