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7 Successful Stress Management Techniques

Everyone needs successful stress management techniques. Easy to learn and easy to implement, you can use them for your own stress management or teach them to help others manage theirs.

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Your Stress at Home

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Your Stress at Home1. Create a communication center on the fridge for messages, chores etc.

Six Questions To Make Your Workplace Stress-Free

Many CEOs see stress as an intractable problem which would cost too much to tackle properly -- or alternatively something that only affects 'whiners' whom their organisations would be better off without. Employee assistance programmes, corporate gym memberships and flexible hours are seen as expensive, of dubious effectiveness, and in the worst case, as mollycoddling staff.

Minimize Stress in Your Life

Use these simple tips to minimize stress in your day to day living.Lower your expectations and you will suffer less disappointment.

Why Stress Management Programmes Don't Work

Why Stress Management programmes don't work?It seems that every week there's yet another report telling us how serious the problem of Stress is becoming - how many working days are lost (anything between 6.5 million and 90 million days depending on whose report you read), how much it costs industry, what percentage of workers experience Stress, and so on.

7 Tips to Help You De-stress & Handle Your Problems

Life would be so wonderful if it weren't for other people. Let's face it, people will upset you.

Technology and Stress- How to Prevent Technology From Taking Over Your Life

1. 5-minute rule.

Eldercare/Caregiving Stress--Managing Holidays

Caring for a chronically ill loved one can be one of life's greatest challenges, but during holidays, when even more responsibilities are added to an already stressful schedule, caregivers can often feel guilty and frustrated for not being able to accomplish all the tasks they once did. Additionally, fond memories of past holidays, when a loved one was still healthy, can create a downward spiral with feelings of loss and sadness.

The Top 10 Steps to DeStress

Do you feel tense and anxious at work? Do your co-workers and/or boss make you crazy? Is your personal life less than blissful? If so, you've got stress. If you're like most people you've sought refuge from this situation by trying a quick fix or two like calling a friend, walking the dog, or going away for the weekend in an attempt to escape it all.

Entertaining Without Stress

Let's face it. If you are stressed, agitated and flitting about, your guests will be uncomfortable and won't be able to relax.

Stress Management Techniques

Self-Care Strategies:Substantial breakfast daily Regular sleeping habits (minimum of 7 hours) No smoking Moderate use of alcohol, caffeine and other drugs Minimal intake of sugar & highly processed foods Maintenance of proper weight Regular exercise program Drink much more water than you usually do.Relaxation Techniques:Jog in place or do jumping jacks-count to 300 Roll head and torso from side to side Tense your muscles individually, then relax them Pull seat of chair for 5-count: repeat with legs xtended Take a deep breath to count of 4, exhale to 4, and repeat 4 times Massage your forehead or temples; repeat the word "calm" Try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

Stress Management Shouldnt Create More Stress. 10 Ways To Reduce Unreasonable Stress and Boost Perf

We all know that stress levels in the workplace are reaching unreasonable levels. And most sensible human beings will agree that we have to take action to fix this problem.

How To Stress Less and Smile More-The Six Fundamental Steps To Improved Health

More than two-thirds of visits to doctors' surgeries are for stress-related illnesses. Stress has been linked to headaches, backaches, insomnia, anger, cramps, elevated blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and lowered resistance to infection.

Stress In The Workplace

According to the Australian Council of Trade Unions' (A.C.

7 Healthy Ways To Release Holiday Stress

Many people go through the motions during Christmas. If not the whole holiday season just parts.

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