Exercise Resistance! - The Secret Barriers that Prevent Weight Loss

Getting started on an exercise program is one thing. Staying on it is the bigger challenge. We have all been there. New Years Eve comes around and wham! Instant motivation! It is only a small percentage however that sticks with it. Why? When you hear the term exercise resistance you of course think of strength training with weights, don't you? Well, it can also mean something else.

The phrase, "Exercise Resistance" or ER was coined in the mid 90's. It means, a conscious or unconscious block against participating in a regular active program. Studies show that some people have barriers built up from past experiences that give them a negative mindset toward exercise and food. This prevents a person from starting or following through on a fitness or diet program. This is more of an emotional feeling that controls a behavior more than anything.

"I thought the golden years were supposed to be filled with relaxing things to do, not more activities I usually put off before?" Have you ever just resented having to exercise now that you are older? "Why should I start exercising? I will not follow through-never have. It will be just another failure of mine?" Or how about not starting to exercise because you have a fear of failure? My favorite; "why does Jane look like she does and I have to work so hard at it? It does not seem fair!" Have you ever compare yourself to your youth or your best friend?

Each one of them; resentment, fear of failure, comparisons are barriers you build up only to at some point sabotaging your desire to feel good and get in better shape.

The answer to overcome these barriers is three fold. First, figure out HOW you are motivated. Second, WHERE your desires come from. And third, come to an understanding that these barriers are only illusions you have fabricated in your mind. THEY ARE NOT REAL! The bottom line is, until you work on your approach to weight loss and fitness, the numbers on the charts will not stick.

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