Why Low Carb Dieters Can Eat Chicken Skin And Meat Fat

While low-fat dieters and non-dieters may want to avoid chicken skins and fat on meat, most "low carb" diet plans encourage low carb dieters to do the exact opposite.

The reasoning for this somewhat surprising deviation from common wisdom is two-fold.

The first part--as described by low-carb dietitians--postulates that skins and fats are unhealthy, but only when they aren't converted into energy.

When skins and fats aren't converted into energy, they raise your cholesterol, clog your arteries, and impede weight-loss. This is what happens when low-fat dieters and non-dieters add skins and meat fats to their normal diets.

Low carb dieters--in contrast--do not consume glucose in the form of carbohydrates, so they must get energy from somewhere else. One place they get it from is stored body fat; and the other place they get it is from fat--such as skins and meat fats--that are rerouted through an alternate metabolic pathway to yield energy.

Not only are skins and meat fats healthy for low carb dieters, but they can also give them a boost in energy that they may be lacking as a result of their glucose-deficient diet.

There is one other reason why skins and fats are an important part of low carb diets.

Skins and fats satiate the body to prevent both cravings and "survival-mode" hormone secretions.

When the body is not taking in enough calories in the form of glucose and fat, it will convert as many calories as it can (out of the few you are taking in) into the form of stored fats.

In order to prevent the secretion of the hormones that cause this "survival mode" reaction, you must take in an adequate amount of fat--and eating skins and meat fats is an easy way to do that.

There is only one thing I will add to this advice--and that is a word of caution: being on a low carb diet allows you to consume skins and fats healthfully, but it is still important that you make sure you are not over-consuming. Double check with your plan to ensure you are eating reasonable quantities and consider getting your cholesterol levels checked by a physician regularly.

This article is not intended as a substitute for medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Before embarking on any diet or fitness plan, consult your physician.

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